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General Theater and Cast rules

For the most part, this is common sense stuff. But since Rocky Horror and other shadowcasted films are not your regular everyday cinema theater experinece, some of the rules we stress you don't break.

1. No Smoking or open flames. As of 2008, this is actually an Illinois State Law - we can't allow it even if we wanted.

2. DON'T THROW THINGS at the screen or at the performers. Don't harass the performers. Don't be an asshole to the performers. This goes for your fellow audience as well. This goes triple for theater employees - If we throw your ass out, tough luck.


4. Stay in your seats unless you're going to the restroom, including during the Time Warp (stand up at your seat). Our staging/blocking involves the show taking place throughout the theater in the audince seating area and it's possible you'll get knocked on your ass if you're wandering the aisles.

5. Don't do drugs or drink alcohol in the theater (and don't get sick in the theater if you do them before you come in).

6. No sex in the theater. If you want to "do it in a theater", go to another theater.

7. Don't attempt to sneak into our theater - all cast members have ID badges. If you don't have a badge or a ticket, you'll get tossed.

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