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Our Web Site and Communication Usage Terms and Privacy Policy

Unless previously copyrighted or trademarked by another company or entity, ALL content on this site is ©2008 Midnight Asterisk NFP and you may not reuse any content or code for any commercial purposes.

You may use and access this website through any "browser", "RSS reader", "feed reader" or "aggregator" available that does not inhibit or interfere with any other users ability to access the site or for the server to provide content to people requesting it.

Any and all information contained on any non password protected publicly accessible page on midnightmadness.org is considered public. You may not run any information collecting service on our website or piggybacked onto users accessing this site, including third party cookies, that would be used to trace, solicit, target advertise or "spam" any person or entity.

At this time midnightmadness.org is completely ADVERTISING FREE. There is NO ADVERTISING anywhere on the midnightmadness.org website, including pop-up, pop-under or linked ads. If you see ANY of that, your computer/browser likely has a third party service or spyware or malware that is causing that.

We do not charge any fee to use any portion of this website. While we do accept donations, do not comply with any demand for money for any portion or use of this website.

We collect general non user specific browser data about the users that visit our website to provide a better experience using our site or attending our shows. Private logs are kept on our server as well as a publicly accessible log at http://extremetracking.com/open?login=mmorgdw - we currently use NO other means to track any visitor to our web site.

We reserve the right to ban or redirect specific IP addresses accessing this website at our discretion.

Any and all emails made to any general cast email address listed on this page are considered suitable for publication at our discretion.

We will NOT distribute or sell any email address used to contact us or given to us as part of a mailing list. Mailing list and newsletters are distributed about one every other month on average.

We reserve the right to change, modify, update or correct any disclaimer or notice or policy on this page without notice. Accessing any page on this server indicates your implied agreement to these terms.

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