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Midnight Madness Contact Info Page

To mail any of us from this page, please change "DOT" to an actual period/dot ( "." ) in your email program or interface.

General Questions about the cast
midnightmadnessrhps@yahooDOTcom (email address is checked about every week to ten days, and usually a few days before any show)

Questions or problems with THIS web site (any midnightmadness.org page or file)


Cast Executives and Senior Members (if you wish to email us specifically a/o privately)

jefF (President / Cast Leader... also webmaster, LJ community co-maintainer, flickr community maintainer, YouTube maintainer)

George (Vice President / Co-Leader)

Monika (Staging Manager)

Bones (Secretary)

Sarah (Treasurer, also LJ community co-maintainer)

Chris (Head of Security... also MySpace maintainer)

Mom Elaine (Cast Senior Member)

Please check individual cast bio pages for any other cast member contact info.


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