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Hedwig and The Angry Inch - Midnight Radio

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the Midnight Madness Hedwig Shadowcast

Hedwig is back again. Our last show was at The Wilmette Theatre on April 30th, 2011
and we are now fully authorized by New Line and John Cameron Mitchell
to show Hedwig as a shadowcast presentation
thanks to the tireless efforts of Jenny, Chad and the Wilmette Theatre!

hedwig - april 2011

Past Hedwig and The Angry Inch Show Dates

April 30th, 2011 (Wilmette)

November 6th, 2010 (Wilmette)

March 27th, 2010 (Wilmette)

September 2009 (Music Box)

September 2008 (Music Box)

September 2007
  September 28th, 2007 (Music Box)
  September 29th, 2007
(Music Box)

September 2006
  September 29, 2006 (Music Box)
  September 30, 2006 (Music Box)

May 2004
  April 30th, 2004 (Music Box)
  May 1st, 2004 (Music Box)

February 2004
  February 6th, 2004 (Music Box)
  February, 7th 2004 (Music Box)

September 2003
  September 26th, 2003 (Music Box)
  September 27th, 2003 (Music Box)
  Bonus Audience Member Pics 09/03
  Bonus Candid Rehearsal Pics 09/03

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The Midnight Radio Hedwig Cast consists of...
Role - Current Performers (Past Performers)
Hedwig Robinson/Hansel - Jenny, Matt, Strawberry, Melissa, Cassidy (Ian, Gremlin, Rebecca)
Tommy Gnosis - Dave (James, Pants, Bones)
Yitzhak - Shaun, Sarah (Carrie)
Skszp - Holly, Don (Lainey Kit, Sarah)
Jacek - Strawberry, jefF (Becky, mel)
Krzysztof - Max (Strawberry Jeff, jefF, Kayla, Hannah)
Schlatko - Chad (Emily, Corey, Swayze, Bradwinkle, Smirnoff Pengi)
Phyllis Stein - RyvreMom Elaine (Becky, jefF)
Young (6 Years Old) Hansel - Aron (Jenny)
Hansel's Mom/Hedwig Schmitt - Ryvre, Kennedy (Elisa, Becky, Melissa, Mom Elaine)
Sgt. Luther Robinson - George, Alan

Kwahng-Yi - Amie (Lainey Kit, Sarah, Hannah) & Strawberry, Holly, jefF, Kayla as the other Korean Wives Band
Trailer Park Neighbor - jefF, Strawberry
Pizza Delivery Guy - Jason, Crazy Larry (Swayze)
Angry Inch song Fat Man - Jason, Crazy Larry (Swayze)
Biligewater's Waitress- Ryvre
Goth Menses Kid - Strawberry
Zues and Thor - Jason & Erin, Crazy Larry & Amie
Origin of Love Players - Ryvre, Shappy, Dave, Cassidy,
Lighting - Tom
(Monika, Brian)
Crew, Props - Matthew, Mike, Kennedy, Shappy
Bishop in a Turtleneck: Bradwinkle J. Moose

Hansel's Dad - N/A
Tommy's Publicist - N/A


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