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Midnight Madness Bio: Bones




Name: James
Age / B-Day: 2.9.90
Sex: M
Nickname (A.K.A.): Bones

When did you join the cast?


When did you start performing?

What part/ parts do you play?
Rocky: Riff Raff, Trixie
Hedwig: Tommy Speck

Times seen Rocky:

When did you first see Rocky Horror?
I got it off Netflix when I was 14. I knew a Magenta on Formal Dress Optional from Delaware that talked it up and posted pictures in a forum I used to do.

Q&A w/Bones

What are your favorite
...TV shows?
Rescue Me, Dexter, South Park, Project Runway, Walking Dead

The Wall, Fight Club, Back to School, Pulp Fiction, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Dawn of the Dead, Zombieland, Leon the Professional, My Cousin Vinny, American Beauty, Snatch, The Hammer, Debbie Does Dallas, Rocki Whore Picture Show

...favorite music/ musicians?
Toy Dolls, Streetlight Manifesto, Wastebasket, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Slipknot, the Pixies, Mustard Plug, Ministry, Adam Ant, Social Distortion, Muse, Boston, Devo, Phish, Iron Maiden, Meatloaf, Soulvitamins, Queen, Fucked Up, Teenage Bottlerocket, Cream, Moby, Cock Sparrer,

Ishmael, Desperation, World War Z, The World According to Garp, Misery, Ringworld, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Please Don't Poop in my Salad, The Rum Diary, Providence, Everybody Poops, In 50 Years We'll All Be Chicks.

Falsettoland, Jesus Christ Superstar

Who are your favorite performers?
Tera Patrick, Lisa Ann, Rachel Starr, Jenna Haze, Emma Starr, Belladonna, Ron Jeremy, Jenna Jameson, John Holmes, Peter North, Traci Lords, Pants.

Other people I admire:
Adam Carolla, Dan Quinn, Gary Coleman.

Bass camping, kickin around, killin time, shootin the breeze, painting the town red, chasin the chicken, freshly cut grass, sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, beer, hookah bars, flaming, bass guitar, zombie movies, pretending to know what I'm talking about, 'batin.

Democrats and Republicans; Purdue; giraffes; this slew of vampire culture; the Baltimore Ravens; King of Prussia, PA; health inspectors; the EPA; people that want to know if the food I'm selling is fresh, sugar free, organic, or Bavarian; the war on drugs; drivers that refuse to turn right on red; pedophiles. More? Theres always more....

A little bit about me...
There once was a Riff Raff named Bones,
That decided to make up some clones.
They stayed for the night,
And maybe a bite.
Then decided to munch on some scones.

What is the craziest / stupidest thing you've ever done?
Find me at a show and I'll tell you. It'll be in the form of a 2 hour monologue.

What is your fondest memory about Rocky?
Playing Trixie for the first time and quadrupling your pleasure ;)

People who knew me in High School thought I was...
Either gay, way creepy, or gothic. I don't really see it.

If they were making a movie about my life I would like to see my part played by...
Seth Rogan ftw.

One thing I think that you should think too.
Its not like boxing.

You can quote me.
Buy a gun. And bullets. Lots of bullets. The zombie apocalypse is coming, and there are going to be plenty of pascifits that spent their time stocking up on rice and MREs' that are going to end up going to you for help.

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