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On December 24th 2000, Midnight Madness cast member Kameron Flynn was killed in a tragic car accident in his hometown of Suffern, NY . Kameron joined our cast after attending our Halloween show in 1996 and played Brad the entire time he was with us, and although he only performed only occasionally with us in 2000 due to school and work obligations he was still an active member with our cast. He was also the cast photographer, and shot thousands of pictures of us over the years (many on this web site). His most recent shoot with us was in August of 2000 when he shot pictures of us for the Swimsuit Issue of Crazed Imaginations. Kameron was also responsible for our original cast web page, and some of the code he wrote still serves this web site to this day.

Kameron - Self Portraits
New - April 2001

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When Kameron shot the cast portraits of us at the Evanston in late 1999, he put them on his web server for me to download. It turns out that these pics here were also in the directory he gave me. I downloaded them and never deleted them for whatever reason. I knew I had these somewhere when we found out about his accident and I desperately wanted to find these pictures when I first put up Kam's memorial page. But, as much as I tried I couldn't. Well I finally found them last weekend while reorganizing my hard drive. I think these self portraits Kam shot of himself tell you a lot about him. 

As is usually the case for the man behind the camera, there are not always a lot of pictures of the guy who's usually taking them. Fortunately, our cast had another shutterbug in me and I was able to get the occasional picture of Kam through the years...

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Kam on Halloween night 1996. 
He joined our cast this night 
(after winning $500 - shredded, in the bag he's holding).

Kammy always had his camera somewhere with him. 

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"My that's a mighty big camera you have there!" Shown here the week before Halloween 1997

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Halloween 1999

Click here for some of Kamerons pictures of our cast...

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Kameron played Brad through his entire time with us. Shown here with Jenna and Stacey as Janet and Pat as Dr.Scott.

Halloween 1999. Kam as Crim Time Warpin'.

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Ace and Kam, Toga Night 1998

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Kam and jefF as Space Riff and Mags on Switch Night 1999
A rare pic. Since one of us was usually taking a picture of the other performing, there are almost no pictures with both of us in them.

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Kam is a Gumby on Monty Python Night

Kameron as Farley during Shock Treatment, Halloween weekend 1997
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Kameron approached me after our Halloween show in 1996 and told me “I wanna play Brad.” Having performed for months without a backup, I was overjoyed for the help. Having played Brad and being the other photography nut in the cast I felt a special bond with him and we worked together on performance and cast material through the years. Even before I was taking pictures of our cast on a regular basis he was there with his camera shooting away at our performances and I  learned from him about photography lighting and technique. And he gave me the drive and inspiration to start this very web site when he and former cast member Becky laid down the initial groundwork code. He was a great performer and although we didn’t spend much time together outside of our show, I considered him my friend and will miss him. -  jefF

Kameron graduated from Northwestern University in June of 2000. He also served as the photographer for the Daily Northwestern Newspaper and 2000 Yearbook. He also was a contributing photographer for U. Magazine. He worked as a web developer for
For more about the man as he was with us you can read Kameron's cast bio.

His full obituary can be read at The New York News Journal
A detail of the accident and remembrance by his HS teachers can also be read here

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Kameron Flynn
October 12th, 1978 - December 24th, 2000

Kameron was very loved by the entire cast. We are very saddened and will miss him greatly.

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