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Midnight Madness Bio: Basaraba

basaraba bio


Name: Chris Basaraba
Age / B-Day: 8/9/82
Sex: Penis (makes vaginas happy)
Nickname (A.K.A.): Basaraba

When did you join the cast?
When I started banging the staging manager.

What part/ parts do you play?
Rocky: Helper dude

Times seen Rocky:
Vhs/tv/dvd ~ too many to count. Play ~ once. In theater with cast 20+

When did you first see Rocky Horror?
parents showed me the vhs when I was about 9

Q&A w/ Basaraba

What are your favorite
...TV shows?
Angel, Buffy, Firefly, Alf, 21 Jump Street, Quantum Leap, Glee, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Always Sunny, Top Chef, Supernatural, Are You Afraid of the Dark, How I Met Your Mother, Adventures of Pete & Pete, My So-Called Life.

Rock & Rule, PCU, Leonard Part 6, Short Circut 2, Troop Beverly Hills, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, A Knights Tale, Sister Act 2, Bring it On (1 & 3), Lost Boys, Hellraiser, Better Off Dead, Wet Hot American Summer, Four Rooms, Airheads, Empire Records. (too many more too list)

...favorite music/ musicians?
Silverchair, Perfect Circle, Alanis Morissette, Birthday Massacre, The Cure, Mushroomhead, Pantera, KMFDM, Lonely Island, System of a Down, Primus. Anything but U2 and GooGoo Dolls.

Where the Wild Things Are, The Outsiders, In the Dark Dark Room Audio Books: Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Twilight.

Into the Woods, Spring Awakening

Who are your favorite performers?

Other people I admire:
My Grandpa, Darth Vader, William the Bloody

Seafood, Oral Sex, Video Games, movie/tv show marathons, karaoke, shopping, rain

Body odor, people chewing with their mouth open, people acting like they don't know how to do something when they really do they just don't want to do whatever it is, scorpions.

A little bit about me...
I'm a fun loving guy who likes a lot of different things. I laugh at just about everything.

What is the craziest / stupidest thing you've ever done?
...one night, we stayed up way past midnight... *giggle*

What is your fondest memory about Rocky?

People who knew me in High School thought I was...
A little crazy, a lot of Weird, a good friend, easy to talk to. My favorite quote about me from my best friend in high school: "I've never met a guy like him my entire life, and I bet you $50 you never will."

If they were making a movie about my life I would like to see my part played by...
Me, I think I could do that acting thing.

One thing I think that you should think too.
Don't worry, Be happy

You can quote me.
"Sometimes I think I'm retarded and people are just being nice."

Basaraba's Gallery

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My Personal Links


CBasaraba@gmailDOTcom (change the "DOT" to an actual dot)

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