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Batman - DARK midKNIGHT

batman July 19th 2008

The 1966 Batman Full Feature Film - In Color!


Wally as Batman & Jenny as Robin
jefF - Joker
Brian and Noah - The Riddler
McDee - The Penguin
Rebecca - Catwoman
Melissa - Miss Kitka
Aron - Alfred Pennyworth
Mom Elaine- Commissioner Gordon
George - Chief O'Hara
Madge the Puppet - Aunt Harriet
Chris - Commodore Schmidlapp
Amie - Bluebeard

And with Ruth, Shappy, Kennedy, Kayla, Katie, Larry, Dave, Erin, and more as your Guinea Pigs, Pirates, Council Members, Random People and Props Monkeys!


Thanks to everyone that came to our presentation of Batman '66 - it was a big success.
You can see pictures and video of the event on our LiveJournal Community as they become available.


If you want to see the original 1966 Batman Movie trailer - chek it out here.

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