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Midnight Madness Bio: Brian




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Name: Brian
Age: look under his hat
watch the opening of Mr. Bean
Sex: Sure
Nickname (A.K.A.): n/a


When did you join the cast?
5 girlfriends ago

What part/ parts do you play?
Rocky: spot light
Shock Treatment: i wish we did this
Hedwig: movie is too depressing
Clue: spot light
Little Shop: spot light, wants to be the plant
Batman: Riddler

Times seen Rocky:
Theater; once a week for the last 16 years
Video/DVD/BluRay/Laser; pi to the third power

When did you first see Rocky Horror?
age 13, Coral Door Theater

Q&A w/Brian

What are your favorite
...TV shows?
Star Gate, Fire Fly, BSG, Mork and Mindy, Star Trek, Fawlty Towers, Doctor Who, Ya so i like nerd shows but you know what, i can play pool, shoot a gun from horse back, ride a real bull, fight 3 guys at one time and not get a scratch and i can kick your ass. o sorry i have anger issues. 

Jaws, old school Godzilla films, Aliens, Duck Soup, The good the bad and the ugly,  Every Which Way But Loose = How can you beat an easy going trucker and a orangutan as he roams the San Fernando Valley in search of cold beer, country music and the occasional fist fight.

...favorite music/ musicians?
any thing not rap.

The Dark tower


Who are your favorite performers?
In rocky or The United States Congress?

Other people I admire:
My grand father, popeye, The man with no name

I like ice cream, cherry pie and lemonade I like rainbows, leafy trails, and puppy dogs and bumble bees bumper cars and carnivals, old black and white films golden skies and hazel eyes and the smell and sound of the ocean. ;)

lots of things.

A little bit about me...
if you know me then you know about me. if not come to the show and see for your self

What is the craziest / stupidest thing you've ever done?
Jumped from a bridge into a canal. The bridge was easily 3 stories above the water. Don't do it, its dumb and hurts like hell.

What is your fondest memory about Rocky?
Can we talk about sex at cons on here?

People who knew me in High School thought I was...

If they were making a movie about my life I would like to see my part played by...
Me - i want the money

One thing I think that you should think too.
You may not think a group of snapping teens coming at you is scary. But take it from me, if the jets came at you, you would split.

You can quote me.
Why am i building a tower of Cheerios? Because it's hard to stack oatmeal.

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