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We're always looking for a few good men... and a few good women... and a few good men that like to dress like women... and a few good women that like to dress like men... so what do you need to know?

The Basics

Be over 18 years old.

Sorry, this a basic requirement for us - legal and liability requirements and restrictions, you know.

We want you to SHOW UP!

I know, duh, you can't do the show without showing up. But a lot of people think they can show up whenever they want and do whatever they want. Thing is, when we schedule you to do a part or a job, we've slotted you to do a specific thing to help our show and it really screws us when you don't come to do that job, and we gotta get someone else to do it. We realize shit happens, and we all miss shows at one time or another, but if it becomes a regular thing we usually end up parting ways.

We also do have cast meetings/rehearsals, usually about 1 every other month on average that we also require you to attend. They're usually pretty laid back and many times as fun as the show. We usually have them Saturday the week before scheduled shows, in the afternoon or evening.

We want you to REALLY participate.

We have a lot of fun doing this, and we all get along pretty well for the most part - but, it also takes a bit of work to put on the show. Sometimes people join thinking it's going to be nothing but a social gathering and only a few people do the work putting it all together. While certain longtime members do have more responsibility and do more for this during and even outside of the show nights, we expect everyone to chip in and help out on show nights, even if it's just knowing your role well and having a decent costume, cleaning the theater after the show and filling in and helping where needed.

Do you have tryouts or auditions and such, or other restrictions for potential cast members?

No, not really. While we do have a few basic acceptance criteria, pretty much anyone that applies is accepted (and if we don't accept you, we will give you a reason why).

What do I do when I start?

We will start you and (seriously) just toss you in as soon as we can. Unless the primary role role needs to be filled immediately though, you will likely just start out performing the Transylvanian Guest role and helping out with props and lights and such. We do mix it up though and regularly alternate and rotate performers, so if you make any effort and show enthusiasm and get together (or have) a costume, you will be like playing a primary role in no time.

Tech and Crew and Security

We do accept applications for ONLY technical and help positions such as props crew, lighting and security - just note on your application that is what you're interested in under the roles. Again too, these positions are not an excuse to get in free and socialize and screw around. We actually do expect the people that we assign these jobs to actually DO these jobs.

We'll typically want to get to know you for several shows if you're looking for a security position, to make sure you're not an asshole just signing up to beat up or harass our audience - so FYI you'll start out helping out with props and setup/teardown even if you're ultimately looking for a security position.

The Detailed Rules

The Midnight Madness Cast Constitution Ver. 5.0 Jan 2015 (in Adobe .pdf format)

ALL of our complete rules and regulations and guidelines are here in this document. This outlines your rights as a performer and what we expect of you. Yes, it's about a dozen pages, but most of the time you don't have to worry about all of it, it includes things like procedures and responsibilities of elections and cast executive stuff and such. It's just really to cover all potential problems and situations, and most of the time you won't even have to think about the majority of this stuff. We do want you to look it over if you join, but most if this is just common sense stuff and if you break a rule, we'll typically let you know.

How do I actually join?

Our cast application (in Adobe .pdf format)

In a nutshell, joining the cast is pretty easy, just fill out an application in advance and bring it to our next show. We do not accept on-line applications as we want to see you in real life and make sure you've actually seen our show. When you bring the application, you may turn it in to Monika or Holly or Alan at the end of the curtain call. If we do not contact you back within two weeks after the show, email us (we usually have a lot going on and it's likely we either forgot or lost the application).


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