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Midnight Madness on The Internet

We have a web presence in very many places all over the internet. While it'd be difficult or confusing to list all of the individual pages and ways to contact every member, this list is kind of a "reality check" for people. If you are contacted by someone or see any information from a source other than something listed here, you might want to double check it or verify it with one of these sources before you consider the information reliable. While we do have many cast member sites and pages and the information may be valid or correct, these are the only ones where the content is controlled by the Midnight Madness executive members (the peeps in charge).

Web Sites
The primary Midnight Madness site. Information anywhere on this site should be reliable, though it may become outdated over time.
We only own the dot ORG domain for "midnightmadness"

Our official community, on LiveJournal, for anyone to join and participate in.

Our official cast MySpace page, for anyone to add.
We also own/control http://www.myspace.com/mmrhpscast , though we don't use it for anything, it only directs people to our main page. http://www.myspace.com/midnightmadness is cast member jefF's personal MySpace page.

Our official You Tube channel. Videos faved by this channel are usually of Midnight Madness related events.

Other web sites to note...
For the Chicagoland Rocky Horror Area Performers (hence the anagram to create the domain name), a loose cohesion of the casts in and around Chicago - we should note that while it lists information for several different casts, the information content on this site is completely controlled and disseminated by Midnight Madness.
We also own the crhap.net and crhap.com domains, they all direct to the same site.

This is our official Not for Profit domain site.
We also own the midnightasterisk.net midnightasterisk.com midnightasterisk.biz midnightasterisk.info and midnightasterisk.us domains as well, they all direct to the same site.

While very little Midnight Madness information/content appears on this site as it's mainly a repository for general Rocky Horror information (usually related to conventions), we do control its server/content.
We also own rockyhorrorarchives.com and rockyhorrorarchives.net and rockyhorrorarchives.info as well, they all direct to the same site.

These are our Yahoo groups for cast communication. They are CAST ONLY GROUPS, so please do not request to join if you are not an MM/MR member.

Email addresses (the "DOT" is an actual ".", if you can't figure that out)
These are our two official general cast email addresses - mail sent to this address WILL be seen by jefF, and usually any number of other Midnight Madness members (DON'T send anything you want kept private to these email addys).
We should also note that Chris or jefF will also use the internal MySpace email from the cast MySpace if you contact us that way, so it's almost just as good for general contact and questions.

Other Email addresses to note...
thesearenotenoughfaqs@midnightmadnessDOTorg (our FAQ contact email address)

yourdirectionssuck@midnightmadnessDOTorg (our help with directions to the theater address)

webmaster@midnightmadnessDOTorg (if you have an issue with our website that you need to contact us about)

info@midnightmadnessDOTorg (our general information email address - use this email address if you have ANY doubt of where to send something)

These are the two general email addresses for the Not For Profit corporation. Mail and questions ONLY pertaining the the operation and running of the Midnight Asterisk NFP should be sent here.

If you wish to have private email communication, or communication with any individual Midnight Madness cast executive, please go here for contact information.


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