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(subject to change, please check here regularly for up to date info)

Our Theaters

Music Box Theatre Exterior

The Music Box Theatre
Performing exclusively at Chicago's premiere alternative and classic film venue.
Our next Music Box scheduled shows are
Rocky Horror - Winter Quarter 2015

2015 HALLOWEEN SHOWS WERE A SELL OUT SUCCESS. Thank you to the well over 2000 of you that came out to see us over Halloween weekend. We really do appreciate it.

Our next show is:

~ Saturday, December 5th @ 12 midnight

Advance tickets are available now at the Music Box website.

IT'S OUR AUDIENCE NIGHT. You, yes YOU can sign up to do a role performing with us with no obligation to join us. Details are below for that.
Doors open at 11pm hour before showtime for dance party, trailers and videos. Show starts at 12 midnight.


Dates and times are subject to change - always check here first for current show info!

YES, we do sell audience throw/prop kits at the theater! Music Box kits are 3 dollars each.


Audience Night 2015 Details!
Our annual Audience Night is December 5th - this is the the show where we cast our audience members to play the parts with no obligation to join us. We also have the newer kids playing the big parts that you typically haven't seen them do yet. It's always a super fun show!

Your request must be in by midnight on November 27th. We are casting the show on November 28th (likely in the morning, but for sure by sometime in the evening) so you have a couple of weeks to get your performance requests in, but we're casting a week in advance to give all the participants about a week to prepare for their roles. Many of our regular performers actually joined up with us because they loved it so much, so if you're thinking of it at all give it a try, you may like it - a lot! :-)

Details for signing up are as follows; Please email to us midnightmadnessrhps@yahoo.com
~ Your full name (we won't tell anyone, but we do have to know it)
~ Your age
~ What role, or part of a role you would like to do (Transylvanian guests are most welcome too)
~ Your phone number (and mention if texting you is okay or not)
~ Your email address (confirmations and final casting list will go out over email from midnightmadnessrhps@yahoo.com)
~ Also, if you apply on Facebook make sure your FB account is set to accept messages from people you don't know (jefF, Monika, and/or Chris may contact you through messenger at some point with questions or to verify info)

Casting is first requested, first cast, so it's important you get your request in as early as possible & may the odds be ever with you.


Midnight Madness on 190 North

Midnight Madness had a segment on the October 29, 2012 Halloween Spooktacular episode of ABC's 190 North.

Check out our videos page for even more clips of MM in action.

Our Internets Communities
This is where "the action" is. Everyone is free to join and post and comment. You'll get notices of upcoming shows here, see pictures of our shows, and just give us some comments, compliments and feedback.

Facebook LogoFacebook Community
Many of our cast members post frequent show invites and reminders, so you'll never miss a show date even if you don't come to our website regularly.

Facebook LogoFacebook Fan Page
Our new FAN page. For a little more free wheeling fun that our regular community, check out our Facebook fan page.

twitter logoTwitter
Our Twitter account @midnightmadness for up to the minute show information and reminders. Usually around 2-5 Tweets per month.

Yeah, we still have one of these too. Usually only good for special notices and such, but feel free to join our "collection of friends" and post "thanks for the add" comments!

Looking for some new people
We can always use some more people. Have you always wanted to try this? Want to join us?

You can talk with jefF, Sarah, or Chris after any show.
Find out the details here for joining Midnight Madness

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